First Encounters and Story Drafts

“The screams of dying men punctured the night sky. Blood splattered over the ground. Drest tasted it on his tongue.”

The First Encounters anthology, including my short story “The Pack,” is now available for purchase on Amazon, either paperback or ebook. There are 10 speculative fiction stories in it, both fantastical and scientific. “The Pack” is set in the same world as The Lantern-Lit City, featuring prowlers when they were first discovered and feared.

NaNoWriMo was more difficult this year than in the past, partly due to work stress and the pandemic, and partly because there were some elements from The Fading Glow that I’m still working out. However, I wrote the first 50,000 works of The Enduring Flame, and I’ll finish its first draft in the spring.

Unless there are delays with the cover for The Fading Glow, it should come out by late December or January.

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