Blog and Short Reviews

Hello lovely readers, I hope your October treated you well. This blog post may be a week late, but better late than never, right? I am still waiting to hear back from my beta readers. Hopefully there won’t be too many edits to complete this month, and so the release should be on track. While … Continue reading Blog and Short Reviews

It’s finally ready!

Hello my lovely readers, I have some excellent news on this fine fall day. I’m a bit late with this blog post because I’ve been working over the weekend to polish up Draft Two of The Enduring Flame for beta readers. I am so glad to say that it is finally ready! I have some … Continue reading It’s finally ready!


August was a strange month for me. The mental/emotional turmoil lessened, but only because its cause was resolved, though not necessarily the way I wished it would. With that resolution came a cascade of other changes: I have left my teaching position; I recently started a new, part-time job at the local library; and I’ve … Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Short Update

Hello my lovely readers, I wish I had better things to share this month: a complete second draft, more sewing, a fantasy review, or something fun. Unfortunately, it’s been all I can do to stay afloat these last couple of months. This summer, I was blindsided with a heavy, life-altering situation. Nearly every day for … Continue reading Short Update


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