Short Update

Hello my lovely readers,

I wish I had better things to share this month: a complete second draft, more sewing, a fantasy review, or something fun. Unfortunately, it’s been all I can do to stay afloat these last couple of months.

This summer, I was blindsided with a heavy, life-altering situation. Nearly every day for the past two months has been emotionally taxing and mentally draining, and I don’t know when these personal issues will be resolved. I have desperately tried to throw myself into writing as a distraction, and some days I’m successful in editing or rewriting chapters. Others, it’s all I can do to get out of bed.

I am still hoping to have the book out before the end of 2021, but I do have to put my mental health and emotional wellbeing first. The characters are in rough positions right now, and sometimes it’s difficult for me to write their conflicts without bringing up my own pain.

I hope to have some more done by the end of August, as well as a more interesting blog post, but I won’t make any promises at this point in time.

For now, I’ll recommend a few books that I’ll be rereading soon that always make me feel warm and happy by the end:

Uprooted by Naomi Novik

The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden

Any of the Redwall books by Brian Jacques

Stay safe out there, and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your summer.

My writing assistants, Tish and Ricki, who are also on duty in helping me get back to a better place.

4 thoughts on “Short Update

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re in a rough place. I hope things improve as soon as possible!

    I ‘stopped by’ to let you know I just received your second book! I, and my wife, are looking forward to reading it!


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