August was a strange month for me. The mental/emotional turmoil lessened, but only because its cause was resolved, though not necessarily the way I wished it would. With that resolution came a cascade of other changes: I have left my teaching position; I recently started a new, part-time job at the local library; and I’ve moved out of my shared home into a small apartment (the cats came with me). With all that busy-ness, I’ve still left The Enduring Flame on the back burner.

I am optimistic for September. Living on my own again will mean a quiet, dedicated writing space. A part-time, low stress job means I have more energy to pursue my own passions. While I am still healing from the summer’s difficulties and coping with my new life circumstances, I feel good about moving forward. I am ready to tackle the trilogy’s end, and I still think I can get it out there by December.

Looking past the end of The Sovereigns of the Dead, I have some standalone novels, a novella, and a few short stories kicking around in my head. I love the idea of retelling classic literature through a fantasy lens, as well as exploring folklore-based fantasy.

My TBR for this month includes Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier and Piranesi by Suzanna Clarke. With more time to write, I’m also hoping for more time to read. My new apartment has a perfect nook for cozying up with a book and a cup of tea.

Sorry it’s another month with no fun blog content. But things are looking up, and I’m sure I’ll bring something interesting for September’s end-of-month blog.

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